The National Trade Facilitation Committee

The National Trade Facilitation Committee (NTFC) was formally established in 2017 by Decree 81/2017 of 29th December.

The specific objective of the committee is to implement the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement, an international agreement ratified by Mozambique in 2016 that commits members to implementing measures aimed at facilitating trade. More generally, the NTFC coordinates and advocates for reforms that facilitate trade – simplifying trade procedures, increasing understanding and knowledge of trade procedures, implementing modern solutions to customs and other trade-related measures, improving coordination among government and non-government stakeholders, and bringing the country into line with international standards on trade.

The committee is divided into a high-level steering committee, a technical level, and thematic subgroups as required. The committee is also supported by a secretariat. For details on how to contact the secretariat, see the contacts page or fill in the contact form here.

The steering committee is chaired by the Minister of Industry and Commerce and meets ordinarily twice a year. Membership includes the President of the Revenue Authority and the President of the private sector representative body the CTA, as well as the National Director of External Trade. A donor representative is invited as observer, usually the head of mission of whichever donor is currently representing development partners on trade issues.

The technical level of the NTFC is chaired by the National Director of External Trade, and meets ordinarily on a monthly basis. Membership includes all relevant state institutions (including: Customs,  Customs court, the standards body INNOQ, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, The National Institute for Seafood Inspection, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of the Interior), private sector representatives, and development partner representatives.

For more information on the NTFC, the legal decree can be accessed here: Decree 81/2017 of 29th December.

The NTFC drafted and submitted to the WTO an analysis of the current situation of the country regarding the provisions of the TFA, which can be accessed here. Category A means the country is already compliant with the provision, Category B means the country can take steps to be compliant without the need for financial and technical support, and Category C means the country requires technical and/or financial support in order to become compliant.