P 4 – Pre Shipment Inspection

Category Import
Picture P 4 – Pre Shipment Inspection
Summary Inspection of Goods in the country of provenance prior to shipment to Mozambique.

For those goods which require PSI (see the database  to confirm which products are covered), the trader must fill in the Pre-Advice Form [F4]  and submit to the PSI company (Intertek). The company will verify the documentation and its representatives in the country of provenance will send a request for further information, which should be responded to within 3 days. The representatives of Intertek will then arrange to inspect the goods, and issue a decision regarding valuation and classification to a tariff position, issuing then a Certified Single Documento (DUC). If there is an anomaly identified by the Intertek representatives (e.g. the decription or quantities do not match initial information) then re-inspection may be required at the importers cost. Note that the decision from Intertek may be challenged by Customs officials on arrival of the goods, and if so, adjustments to the duties to be made may occur.


The following form/s are used in this procedure

Title Description Category Agency