P2 – Registration as a User of the Single Electronic Window

Category Import/Export
Picture P2 – Registration as a User of the Single Electronic Window
Summary Registration as a user, and obtaining a password to allow access to the Single Electronic Window for customs clearance.

A letter must be written, addressed to the Director General of Customs, requesting registration as a user of the single electronic window (SEW), indicating the type of company and whether registration should be for import, export or both. This must tally with the registration as a foreign trade operator [P1], e.g. if this is for import only, then the registration with the SEW should be import only. Copies of the license as a foreign trade operator [P1], the company registration (alvará), the início de actividades (document from the tax authority confirming the business has started operating), the company’s tax number (NUIT) and ‘quitacao’ certificates (confirming there are no outstanding charges or claims against the company) from the ministry of finance, customs court, fiscal court and social security must be provided. A copy of the criminal record of the Director General of the company, or the majority shareholder, as well as a copy of his/her identity document must also be annexed. Customs will register the company, and request the operator of the SEW to issue a password which will be sent to the company.


The following form/s are used in this procedure

Title Description Category Agency
JUE registration Form for registering as a user of the Electronic Single Window. Import/Export Directorate General of Customs