P 6.3 Agrochemicals

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Summary License to Import Agricultural Chemicals

In order to obtain an import license for a specific consignment of agricultural chemicals, the importer must previously have been registered with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security as an importer [P 3.3]. To obtain a license for a specific consignment, the company must first register the brand, which requires submission of the following: certificate of product registration at origin, Material Data Safety Sheet of the product, a draft label, and a certificate of product analysis provided by a laboratory in the country of origin. Following this, to import a specific consignment the importer must submit a request to the Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Agrochemicals (Repartição de Agroquímicos) with the relevant form completed [F 6.3], a copy of the registration as an importer [P 1], copies of the registration as an importer of agricultural chemicals [P 3.3] and the pro forma invoice.

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The following form/s are used in this procedure

Title Description Category Agency
Import License - Agrochemicals Application form for an agrochemical import license. Import Ministry of Agriculture and Food Safety - Agrochemical Division