P1 - Registration as a Foreign Trade Operator

Obtaining a license (in the form of a card) that confirms registration as an importer or exporter (or both).

This process requires the trader to go to a Balcao Unico de Atendimento in his/her local area, with a completed form [F1], a copy of his/her business licence (alvará) and (unless this is already stated on the alvará), proof of the company’s unique tax number, the NUIT (this is provided on modelo 1, a document provided by the tax authority allocating the NUIT). Payment can be made by card at the time of application, or deposited into the relevant bank account and proof of deposit provided. The fee changes each year, set at 25% of the minimum wage for the public sector. As of November 2019, it was 2.117 Mt. In most cases, the issuance of the license can be done the same day.