Other State Institutions Involved in Trade

There are other state institutions that play a role in international trade. These include the Customs Court, to which the government can refer cases against traders. The Ministry of Health maintains a database of importers and exporters of medications, and approves import and export licenses for medical substances, while the Ministry of the Interior (Police of the Republic of Mozambique) plays a role in for example the import and export of weapons and explosives. The National Institute for Land Transport (INATTER) is responsible for attributing license plate numbers to newly imported vehicles. 

The Import and Export Promotion Agency (APIEX) , a body under the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, provides information to investors looking to import into, and export from, Mozambique and organizes the annual international trade fair, FACIM. There are also sector-specific export promotion bodies such as the national cashew promotion institute (INCAJU), the National Cotton Promotion Institute (IAM) etc.

The National Institute for standards and quality (INNOQ) also plays a role in defining national quality standards.