M 3.1 - Registration as an Importer of Medication for Human Use


This measure entails pre registration of traders with the Ministry of Health - Department of Pharmacy for those who wish to import medication for human use.

Note: for veterinary medications, see here.

Comments This is pre-registration, a one-off process to ensure only importers who comply with specific safety standards can import medication. Some cosmetic and supplement products are also covered by the process, consult the database to check if your product is included
Agency Ministry of Health
Export/Import Import
UN Code E125 -
Measure Type Registrations
Name Summary Category
P3.1 – Registration as an Importer of Medication for Human Use Registration as an importer of medication for human use (one off registration at commencement of activities). Import

This measure applies to the following commodities.

HS Code Description
29362100 Vitamins; vitamins A and their derivatives, unmixed
29362200 Vitamins; vitamin B1 and its derivatives, unmixed
29362300 Vitamins; vitamin B2 and its derivatives, unmixed
29362400 Vitamins; D- or DL-pantothenic acid (vitamin B3 or vitamin B5) and its derivatives, unmixed
29362500 Vitamins; vitamin B6 and its derivatives, unmixed
29362600 Vitamins; vitamin B12 and its derivatives, unmixed
29362700 Vitamins; vitamin C and its derivatives, unmixed
29362800 Vitamins; vitamin E and its derivatives, unmixed
29362900 Vitamins; n.e.c. in item no. 2936.2, and their derivatives, unmixed
29369000 Vitamins; n.e.c. in heading no. 2936, including natural concentrates
29411000 Antibiotics; penicillins and their derivatives with a penicillanic acid structure; salts thereof
29412000 Antibiotics; streptomycins and their derivatives; salts thereof
29413000 Antibiotics; tetracyclines and their derivatives; salts thereof
29414000 Antibiotics; chloramphenicol and its derivatives; salts thereof
29415000 Antibiotics; erythromycin and its derivatives; salts thereof