M 1 - Registration as an Importer or Exporter

Description This measures entails the registration of the trader as an importer or exporter. The traders are registered with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce which issues an identification card confirming the authorization to carry out international trade.
Comments Authorisation from MIC is not required for: i) Importadors who are importing goods with a value below 500 USD; ii) passengers that bring in personal belongings (luggage) with a value below 25.000,00Mt (Twenty Five thousand, five hundred meticais); iii) Diplomatic missions and staff, when these purchase goods destined for personal use; iv) Foreign staff of international organizations for personal use, under the United Nations convention v) United Nations Agencies when these import goods for own use; vi) entities which bring in samples of no commercial value.
Agency Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Export/Import Import and Export
UN Code E111 - Licensing procedure with no specific ex-ante criteria
Measure Type Registrations
Legal Documents
Name Category
Diploma Ministerial nº 89/2005 of 28 of April Diploma
Name Summary Category
P1 - Registration as a Foreign Trade Operator Obtaining a license (in the form of a card) that confirms registration as an importer or exporter (or both). Import/Export

This measure applies to the following commodities.

HS Code Description
01012100 Horses; live, pure-bred breeding animals
01012900 Horses; live, other than pure-bred breeding animals
01013000 Asses; live
01019000 Mules and hinnies; live
01022100 Cattle; live, pure-bred breeding animals
01022910 Of weight below 200 Kg
01022990 Of weight 200 Kg and above
01023100 Buffalo; live, pure-bred breeding animals
01023900 Buffalo; live, other than pure-bred breeding animals
01029000 Bovine animals; live, other than cattle and buffalo
01031000 Swine; live, pure-bred breeding animals
01039100 Swine; live, other than pure-bred breeding animals, weighing less than 50kg
01039200 Swine; live, other than pure-bred breeding animals, weighing 50kg or more
01041010 Sheep; live, pure-breed
01041090 Sheep; live, other than pure-breed